The ten greatest tweets of the week on Elon Musk’s very unusual Twitter

It was actually an odd week to be on Twitter.

Chief Twit Elon Musk is treating the web site like his personal little fiefdom, which it’s, contemplating he paid $44 billion for it. Nonetheless, Musk appears to be making up guidelines as he goes alongside. He is suspending journalists who report on him for unclear causes. He is tweeting polls. He is shutting down options.

However, via all of it, folks saved tweeting. As a result of numerous us are hooked on the platform — or at the very least the skeleton of what it was — and we simply cannot cease posting. So certain, shit is getting bizarre below Musk. However the posting goes on, sturdy as ever. Listed below are the ten greatest tweets from a bizarre week on Twitter.

1. There is no approach this actually is in regards to the man who owns Twitter, proper? No approach…

2. The fan noise is regular, OK.

3. It is powerful to determine if the man on the TV is actual or not.

4. This can be a unbelievable concept.

5. Hey bro, your little man’s match was mid at greatest.

6. So many present guides are like this! By the way in which, as a person, simply get me some merch from a band I like or one thing wildly sensible.

7. Compulsory dril tweet (about Elon Musk).

8. Bigfoot? Decidedly NOT French.

9. This guard did not perceive the task one bit.

10. And at last, there isn’t any feeling like being within the zone with some chips.

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