‘M3GAN’ ending explainer: How that last shot units up a sequel

Her style sense and wit are as sharp as her sense of justice. She’s a toy that does not mess around. Be careful for M3GAN. 

The freshly minted horror icon is in theaters, dancing and dooming any mortal who dares cross her. Particularly, her devotion to grieving orphan Cady (Violet McGraw) pitches the deranged doll in direct battle with the lady’s guardian — and M3GAN’s inventor — Gemma (Allison Williams). As this Tesla-priced toy is about to make her debut on the world’s stage, she races dwelling for a last showdown, the place sparks fly. 

But when that last second has you scratching your head, this is an in-depth explainer on M3GAN’s ending, and the way it units up the story for a sequel. 

M3GAN is a hacker.

M3GAN sits with her human family, Gemma and Cady.

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Earlier than she goes Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots on her predecessor Bruce, M3GAN infiltrates numerous pc methods to protect her personal digital life. On the Funki places of work, she hacks a pc to idiot her human overlords, then blocks their makes an attempt to close her off. As this pint-sized slasher struts towards her already-iconic dance scene, she strolls previous a constructing alarm, switching it off with out a phrase or gesture. What would learn as telekinetic in a creepy child film is merely WiFi letting M3GAN run amok, with the people none the wiser. In fact, she’s not above slicing by way of the crimson tape and pencil-pushers of this company both. What’s some spilled blood between mates?


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Within the movie’s ferocious last act, M3GAN strives to improve her major consumer into her human ally in opposition to the creator who would destroy her. When that fails, M3GAN’s escape hatch comes within the type of a seemingly innocent, on a regular basis piece of know-how: Elsie, the digital assistant who manages Gemma’s home. 

Elsie and M3GAN conspired from the beginning. 

M3GAN reads to a little girl

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The second M3GAN strolls into Gemma’s home, she zeroes in on the little white robot-like equipment sitting on the kitchen counter. Like different AI assistants that connect with smart-home devices, Elsie has management over the locks, the lights, Gemma’s music playlists, and her contact record. All of this permits M3GAN to make Elsie a helpful ally. 

Early on, there is a trace that M3GAN has jacked into Elsie’s matrix. Following a struggle over pizza (and going to high school), Gemma grabs the arm of a tantrum-pitching Cady. M3GAN intervenes by warning Gemma, “Let her go.” However that is not all. 

Because the doll’s voice sternly instructions Gemma, M3GAN’s personal creator and “second major consumer,” the lights in the home flicker. This is not ghosts or demons, because it could be in a supernatural horror movie; it is M3GAN tapping into Elsie’s management of the home’s electronics. And contemplating how unnerved Gemma is by this, we would suspect she wasn’t the one who linked these high-tech toys. 


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Later, determined to know what actually went down on the grim college outing, Gemma searches M3GAN’s video footage and GPS location monitoring, solely to search out lacking and corrupted recordsdata. Out of nowhere, Elsie’s calm robo-voice interrupts, asking if Gemma desires to “wind down” with a music playlist. When Gemma rejects this suggestion — and questions how Elsie even had the flexibility to make it — M3GAN coolly enters the workshop for the primary of a number of frightful face-to-faces. As she speaks, the little white bot even turns its “face” away from its major consumer to lookup at its flashy artificial sister. 

Later, when Gemma and Violet flee the Funki company places of work, M3GAN intercepts Gemma’s panicked name to her co-worker. This enables the doll to thwart her inventor’s purpose to close her down. Is that this one other occasion of M3GAN using Funki’s methods or Elsie’s entry for her personal acquire? Both means, she’ll use the latter again on the home, the place Gemma’s pleas to activate the lights might be ignored as haunting piano music performs at nighttime. 

How Elsie may result in a M3GAN sequel?

M3GAN stares out from the house

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Within the violent climax, the killer doll with a coronary heart of titanium is lower down fairly actually by her human household. She’s scalped, torn in two, after which in the end has her robotic mind shattered by power. However as Gemma and Violet are embraced by the comforting lights of emergency autos and the weary smile of their mates, there is a contemporary signal of artificial life in the home. 

On the kitchen counter sits Elsie at nighttime. That’s, till her mild switches on as ominous music strikes. 

In and of itself, this would possibly imply nothing. However since they first met, these innovations of Gemma’s linked on a profound stage. Maybe, simply as M3GAN’s evolution modified her phrases of safety and shattered her boundaries, it additionally urged her to a type of self-preservation past the attain of her fickle creator. So, sooner or later offscreen, maybe M3GAN uploaded herself — in some kind — to Elsie’s cloud. Her laborious drive could be shattered close to her fallen robot-brother Bruce, however backed up in one other format, M3GAN may very well be biding her time for revenge. All she wants is a physique. 

How may M3GAN return for M3GAN 2

M3GAN walks into a playroom to join Cady

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Do not forget that weasel-y assistant to the smug boss? The one who was stealing company secrets and techniques for an unknown benefactor (when he wasn’t busy “Pornhubbing” within the workplace, that’s)? Whereas his human co-workers did not discover him, M3GAN knew what he was as much as. She stated as a lot in that elevator slaughter, calling him out for his company sabotage. However now that she’s been busted to bits, he may very well be her saving grace — even when he’s a corpse. 

M3GAN has proven she will entry Funki’s computer systems and methods. So, why could not she exploit that (and the weasel’s contact record) to ship her plans to a rival firm? With assist from Elsie, she would possibly even be capable to masquerade as Gemma unnoticed for some time. We have seen her mimic the younger STEM genius’s voice. And contemplating Elsie has been a silent witness to Gemma’s conversations for numerous hours — together with confidential discussions of analysis and growth, to not point out her reluctance to be a mum or dad — M3GAN/Elsie has quite a lot of knowledge to scan for applicable responses. As soon as she’s arrange with a brand new physique, there will be no person that may cease her from searching for out Gemma and Cady for vengeance!

That is all to say that M3GAN could also be down, however we would not depend her out. Inside this freaky and enjoyable horror film is a blueprint for her to rebuild from, and it is a return we’re already wishing for. Possibly for subsequent Christmas? 

M3GAN is now in theaters. 

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