Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Greninja 7-Star Raid Information

The following Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seven-star raid is right here, that includes a poison-type Greninja. The primary spherical runs via Monday, Jan. 30, and the second spherical picks up about two weeks later, from Friday, Feb. 10, to Monday, Feb. 13. Like the opposite seven-star raid Pokemon, Greninja has the mightiest mark, and you can catch just one per save file. Identical to earlier seven-star raids, the Pokemon will take some cautious strategizing to beat. 

Listed below are the total particulars of the raid: Greninja can have its hidden skill, Protean, following the hidden skills of Charizard and Cinderace within the earlier seven-star raids. Thankfully, that will not have an effect on the raid itself, as terastallization negates the results of the protean skill. We will simply plan across the tera kind.

Greninja has a poison tera kind for the raid, and the next movesets:

  • Hydro Pump.
  • Night time Slash.
  • Gunk Shot.
  • Ice Beam.
  • Double Group.
  • Poisonous Spikes.

Greninja will at all times begin the battle through the use of Double Group to lift its evasion and Poisonous Spikes to poison your Pokemon after they return after being knocked out. It is an annoying setup to take care of, partly as a result of lacking assaults means you wait longer to cost up your tera orb and terastallize, and in addition as a result of whiffing on assaults wastes treasured time. After that, Greninja will primarily depend on Hydro Pump in opposition to Pokemon who aren’t resistant to water assaults, or Gunk Shot in opposition to water-immune Pokemon. It throws in Night time Slash and Ice Beam much less regularly.

The seven-star Greninja raid battle

A steel-type Vaporeon may provide help to counter Greninja.

Nintendo; screenshot by Adam Benjamin/

Greatest Greninja counters

These are the Pokemon that may most reliably win the Greninja raid battles. To offer your self the most effective likelihood at victory, be sure your Pokemon is degree 100 and has a nature that enhances its related assault stat (often Modest for particular attackers and Adamant for bodily attackers). Our favourite counters are:

  • Gastrodon.
  • Vaporeon.
  • Clodsire/Quagsire.
  • Klefki.
  • Kingambit.


Tera Kind: Floor
Skill: Storm Drain
Merchandise: Knowledgeable Belt / Delicate Sand

EV unfold: 252 HP / 252 particular assault / 4 particular protection 


  • Clear Smog.
  • Earth Energy.
  • Stockpile.
  • Get well.

Gastrodon is without doubt one of the premier Greninja raid counters, due to its advantageous typing and talent. Storm Drain prevents you from taking any Hydro Pump harm, as a substitute boosting your particular assault, that will help you arrange extra harm. Stockpile boosts your defenses, which helps you hold round longer, making you depend upon Get well much less usually. Open with Clear Smog to negate Double Group’s evasion increase after which stockpile a few occasions earlier than unleashing Earth Powers.


Tera Kind: Metal
Skill: Water Take up 
Merchandise: Brilliant Powder

EV unfold: 252 HP / 252 particular assault / 4 particular protection 


  • Saved Energy.
  • Calm Thoughts.
  • Swift/Haze.
  • Want.

The water-type Eeveelution is an efficient raid-buster, with a catch. For those who can terastallize Vaporeon right into a metal kind and survive one assault afterward, it is nearly unkillable. Nonetheless, it is inclined to Gunk Shot till it terastallizes, dying in two or three hits relying on harm rolls. The technique entails utilizing Brilliant Powder to decrease Gunk Shot’s base 80% accuracy all the way down to about 70%, whereas utilizing Swift the primary three turns to ensure you possibly can terastallize as early as potential. Getting knocked out earlier than then is not sport over if it permits you to terastallize with full HP — Ice Beam and Night time Slash do not threaten you, and in your metal tera type, you are resistant to the opposite two assaults. With Vaporeon’s decently excessive particular assault stat and immunity to water assaults on prime of large HP, stacking Calm Minds into Saved Energy is a dependable method to work down the raid boss’s well being. It’s also possible to run Haze as a substitute of Swift to negate Greninja’s evasion boosts


Tera Kind: Floor (although chances are you’ll wish to keep away from terastallization typically to keep up your double poison resistance)
Skill: Water Take up 
Merchandise: Knowledgeable Belt / Delicate Sand

EV unfold: 252 HP / 252 assault / 4 particular protection 


  • Earthquake/Bulldoze.
  • Curse.
  • Get well.
  • Haze.

An unlikely hero, Clodsire has quite a lot of endurance in opposition to Greninja. The Water Take up skill permits Clodsire to show a conventional weak spot (water-type assaults) into HP restoration, and its pure typing means it takes solely 25% harm from poison-type assaults. Clodsire does undergo double harm from Ice Beam, however in any other case it is a highly effective particular tank with monumental HP, robust particular protection, and entry to Get well. Use Haze to remove Greninja’s evasion increase after which sink into a couple of Curses to spice up your assault and protection. From there, unleash Earthquakes for double harm. Clodsire’s non-Paldean counterpart, Quagsire, can be a superb counter with out Clodsire’s ice weak spot, and you may get its pre-evolution by buying and selling an NPC in Cascarrafa. 


Tera Kind: Metal
Skill: Prankster 
Merchandise: Leftovers

EV unfold: 252 HP / 252 particular assault / 4 particular protection 


  • Saved Energy.
  • Calm Thoughts.
  • Iron Protection.
  • Sunny Day.

This Pokemon advantages from its metal/fairy typing, which supplies it resistance to dark-type assaults and full immunity from Greninja’s tera-boosted poison assaults. Klefki additionally has entry to the identical “stack Calm Thoughts into Saved Energy” combo that Vaporeon has, which I can additional increase with Iron Protection. And a pure immunity to poison negates Greninja’s highly effective Gunk Shot transfer. Open with a Prankster-boosted Sunny Day to decrease Hydro Pump harm, which is able to in any other case wipe out about half of Klefki’s HP. 


Tera Kind: Metal
Skill: Defiant
Merchandise: Shell Bell

EV unfold: 252 HP / 252 assault / 4 protection 


  • Zen Headbutt.
  • Swords Dance.
  • Iron Protection.
  • Sandstorm.

Kingambit is one other metal kind that advantages from poison immunity and makes for an OK counter, although it is much less constant than others on this checklist. A powerful bodily attacker, Kingambit can run Swords Dance to spice up its assault and unleash supereffective Zen Headbutts on the poison-type Greninja. The draw back is that Kingambit doesn’t resist Greninja’s highly effective water strikes, which hit Kingambit for impartial harm. It is price noting that Zen Headbutt has solely 90% accuracy, which makes this technique higher-risk than bringing different counters, particularly after Double Group. The dearth of restoration strikes for Kingambit means you are nearly required to run Shell Bell as your held merchandise that will help you maintain via the raid.

Greninja fainting in tera raid

With the fitting Pokemon, you can defeat and catch Greninja.

Nintendo; screenshot by Adam Benjamin/

Different Greninja raid ideas

You possibly can select to run extra of a supportive construct as a substitute of offensive builds, as most of the counters listed right here have stable defensive stats. Nonetheless, if you deliver a help Pokemon to a seven-star raid, you are relying in your different three teammates to do a ton of harm, which generally is a gamble with random teammates. In premade teams, you possibly can construct support-based groups which can be capable of knock out the raid boss in a single shot with cautious planning. However after dropping loads of Cinderace raids to a scarcity of harm, I like to recommend offensive builds for those who’re counting on unknown teammates.

Keep in mind that the clock is your actual enemy in seven-star raids: The one method to win is to effectively take out your opponent’s HP. Large bursts of harm are the simplest means of doing that, which is why I like to recommend stacking Calm Thoughts into Saved Energy as some of the dependable methods to battle Greninja. However staying alive can be necessary, as getting knocked out by Greninja will immediately take away a piece of the remaining raid timer, which places a much bigger squeeze on a restricted useful resource. Take note of how a lot harm you are taking from every assault, and use your restoration strikes and your cheers to maintain your Pokemon wholesome sufficient to outlive the subsequent assault.

In case your HP is within the purple, do not waste your terastallization except you possibly can knock out the raid boss this flip or heal as much as a secure vary. As an alternative, it is higher to terastallize after getting knocked out, so that you get extra time along with your tera kind. Utilizing three or extra strikes in your tera type is nearly at all times extra precious than utilizing just one transfer a flip earlier.

And do not feel unhealthy about leaving a raid if the workforce preview seems unhealthy. Some gamers could be tempted to deliver psychic varieties to fight Greninja’s poison tera kind, however they’re going to die rapidly to Night time Slash. When you begin the raid, you are caught in it, so bounce beforehand for those who suppose it is a dropping battle. 

While you defeat Greninja, you can catch it one time, and you will obtain an Skill Patch and TM 91 in your first victory. You may additionally be capable to earn plenty of Expertise Sweet L/XL, poison tera shards, Skill Capsules, Uncommon Candies, nutritional vitamins and gadgets to promote upon repeat victories. Good luck on the market!

Vaporeon sleeping

Give your Pokemon a relaxation after you beat Greninja — they’ve earned it!

Nintendo; screenshot by Adam Benjamin/

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