The Moon Simply Handed in Entrance of Mars, Producing Some Gorgeous Photos

The famed “Earthrise” picture taken by Apollo astronauts of their dwelling planet rising over the lunar horizon gave humanity a brand new perspective on our dwelling. In an indication of how far we have come, novice astronomers had been not too long ago capable of take comparable footage from the floor of our planet displaying what might be our future dwelling rising over the lunar horizon. 

On Monday night and early Tuesday morning, it was attainable to see the moon occult, or go in entrance of, Mars from our vantage level on Earth. Particularly, it was seen from the southern United States and most of Mexico and Central America. 

The outcomes for expert skywatchers with respectable astrophotography chops in that area included some fairly outstanding photos of the crimson planet rising behind the “dry ocean” Mare Smythii on the lunar floor. 

composite image of moon occulting mars

Photographer John Ashley created this composite picture of the moon occulting Mars by combining pictures of the development spaced 40 seconds aside. Ashley

It may not be too lengthy earlier than astronauts catch a view like this from the moon, maybe whereas visiting a waypoint there earlier than touring on to Mars. NASA plans to construct an orbiting outpost across the moon referred to as Gateway within the coming years, permitting us to catch a “Marsrise” over the moon from one other perspective. 

As it’s now, a lunar occultation of Mars could be a pretty uncommon incidence to see from Earth. Whereas there was one other seen occultation in December, there will not be one other respectable alternative to see it from the floor till 2025. 

By that time we could be nearer to taking a look at Mars from the moon in particular person as nicely. 

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