Elon Musk needed extra Elon Musk on Twitter so Twitter is now all Elon Musk

Does Twitter want extra Elon Musk?

It is a query that is at the moment being answered for a lot of customers, who’re seeing predominantly Elon tweets of their “For You” feeds.

In line with determined cries experiences(Opens in a brand new tab) on Twitter, Elon’s Tweets are exhibiting even when they’re just a few days previous, and generally they’re packed one after the opposite (for the document, my Twitter feed seems regular, with simply the standard quantity of Elon).

The difficulty comes just a few days after Musk tweeted that the corporate utilized a repair for a “bug” that resulted in “95%” of Musk’s tweets not getting delivered in any respect (once more, for the document, this by no means occurred to me; Musk’s tweets have been at all times promptly delivered to my feed).

The jokester that he’s, Elon tweeted a (distatestful) meme(Opens in a brand new tab) about this which seems to point that he’s pleased with the way in which Twitter is true now, which is overloaded together with his personal tweets. We guess being fairly widespread on Twitter wasn’t fairly sufficient for the person.


The individuals who discovered love on Twitter

Happily (or not?), the algorithmic “For You” feed is not the default feed for customers anymore, so in case you swap to “Following,” which is a chronological listing of tweets from the individuals you comply with, you will keep away from being over-Musked.

UPDATE: Feb. 14, 2023, 9:43 a.m. CET It seems that Twitter is engaged on fixing the issue. “Please keep tuned whereas we make changes to the uh .… “algorithm,” tweeted Musk. Then again, the “changes” would possibly imply that they are bringing much more Musk to everybody’s feeds. Let’s hope for one of the best.

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