Prime Video’s ‘The Advisor’ Finale Recap: Regus Will get Outcomes

All eight episodes of Prime Video’s new present The Advisor made their debut Friday, permitting of us to fly by means of everything of the office saga like the degrees of an addicting cellular recreation.

The present a few office that will get a weird new boss stars Christoph Waltz as Regus Patoff, Nat Wolff as Craig, Brittany O’Grady as Elaine and Aimee Carrero as Patti. I binge-watched the darkly comedic sequence and loved it, however I felt just like the ending saved some rewards simply out of attain.

What about Craig and Elaine’s will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic? Is Craig nonetheless an worker at CompWare? How does Regus actually have a golden skeleton? Is he even human?

These questions might be addressed in a second season. Whereas we wait to see if season 2 goes to occur, that is what we did be taught from the season 1 finale of Prime Video’s new sequence, which relies on Bentley Little’s 2015 novel of the identical title.

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Inventive liaison no extra

As a refresher, The Advisor follows Regus Patoff, a mysterious stranger who takes over at a cellular recreation firm referred to as CompWare after the sudden loss of life of its CEO, Mr. Sang. Younger workers Craig and Elaine subsequently expertise new calls for and challenges, reminiscent of Patoff’s absurd, honest request to Elaine to launch a real-life elephant in downtown LA to advertise the cellular recreation Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey.

Elaine enlists her ex-boyfriend Patrice to do the deed for $20,000, the funds Patoff allotts for her. Then Patoff solely offers her half for him upfront. Within the finale, Patrice returns to CompWare to gather the opposite half.

The finale reveals the elephant died after it was shot with tranquilizers. Patoff takes his candy time to look at CompWare, which is in full celebration mode after the discharge of Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey, after which tells Elaine that Patrice’s cash went towards the festivities.


Elaine, performed by Brittany O’Grady, took the reins from Patoff at CompWare.

Andrew Casey/Prime Video

Undeterred, Elaine comes up with a chilly plan to trick Patrice into ready longer for cost whereas she anonymously ideas him off to the authorities.

When Patoff appeared at CompWare, he shook up the corporate with heartless terminations, rushed recreation launches and extra to be able to supposedly enhance the enterprise. On the finish of the finale, Elaine approaches the boss’ workplace, seemingly signaling she’s CompWare’s subsequent CEO.

Regus and Craig’s showdown

If Elaine is counted as a winner on this darkish story, Craig is the largest loser. Although Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey would not exist with out him, on the celebration within the finale, he is fully disinterested. His fiance, Patti, seems to have left him after he lied about being sick to spend time wanting into Patoff. However Patoff has intervened of their relationship greater than Craig is aware of. Patti did not ghost him — as an alternative, she’s typing up handwritten textual content for Patoff in CompWare’s information room.

Within the finale, Craig lastly learns the reality after he and Elaine handle to find Patti’s telephone. It is not Patti who has it, however Sang’s mom who disappeared some episodes again, and she or he was given the telephone by Patoff.

Craig and Elaine hurry again to CompWare. Elaine goes after Patti and an enraged Craig takes on Patoff. He grabs a big mallet used for an exercise in the course of the celebration and walks nearer and nearer to his evil boss.

Craig repeatedly hits and cracks the glass beneath the each of them on the higher flooring, and it is paying homage to Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey, wherein glass breaks below the load of heavy animals. Patoff tells Craig that his targets had been met, and prices had been justified, gesturing to Craig as a “value.”

Craig, who’d gotten a tip from the jewellery retailer proprietor Frank Florez that Patoff might, in some way, include a skeleton of strong gold, appears to guess on that as he smashes the glass. And Patoff does, finally, fall by means of.

Craig does not get the woman

Earlier than Patoff slips by means of the glass, a few celebration tables breaking his fall, he tells Craig “you are not the hero. You do not even get the woman.” It is not instantly clear who he is speaking about.


Elaine (Brittany O’Grady) and Craig (Nat Wolff) appeared like they might have been extra than simply work buddies.

Michael Desmond/Prime Video

Craig’s relationship with Patti seems to finish within the finale. We see her with curler baggage leaving a key with Craig. We additionally see Elaine a file within the information room with Craig’s title on it.

Craig’s lies to Patti are little question a crimson flag, even when they weren’t suitable. Patoff additionally explains within the finale that when Patti was within the information room (and seemingly in some form of trance), she helped Patoff full his file. “She’s seen your weak point, your betrayal, she poured it out on each web page in her personal phrases,” Patoff says. May he have executed this to make sure Craig by no means had a shot at Elaine both? If there is a season 2, we might must see these characters return to complete what was began.

Regus’ golden inside

When Regus takes his fateful tumble, certainly one of his huge toes is sliced off and lands in a pile of leftover celebration shrimp.

It is retrieved by Craig, who freezes it, boils and de-fleshes it to disclose a shiny golden bone.

So Patoff is actually made from gold. Is that why he has a lot hassle lugging his physique up and down flights of stairs? Does that imply he isn’t human? How might he be?

It is unveiled in an earlier episode that jewellery retailer proprietor Frank Florez made the golden skeleton for Patoff, and the expertise mainly ruined Florez’s marriage. There’s most likely some deeper which means right here, however I might additionally see a personality like Patoff getting gold physique components on the expense of a poor man’s happiness simply because that is what he likes to do.

One factor stands proud as hinting that Patoff won’t be human. Florez by no means really noticed Patoff in individual whereas he crafted the bones. Nevertheless, he did obtain checks with Patoff’s signature. How might he have signed a test and not using a functioning hand?


Craig, performed by Nat Wolff, learns in regards to the golden skeleton from Frank Florez.

Andrew Casey/Prime Video

Regus will get outcomes

Patoff obtained Mr. Sang to log out on him taking on by promising to safe Mr. Sang’s legacy. By the finale, Patoff had certainly reversed CompWare’s dire course. Sang’s mom suggests her son is alive by means of Mr. Sang’s Jungle Odyssey. A unadorned statue model of Sang watches over a bustling CompWare.

“All I can actually let you know about Regus Patoff,” Elaine will be heard saying on the finish of the episode, “he will get outcomes.”

Simply do not take into consideration what it took to get there.

Patoff misplaced an expensive huge toe, however it did not hold him from taking his providers to yet one more firm, Pterodactyl Robotics. A information report enjoying on the finish reveals the loss of life of its founder, who strived to develop the primary humanoid workforce. If Patoff is certainly really a robotic, possibly he’ll lastly discover some colleagues he can higher relate to.

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